Saturday, April 12, 2008


Today seemed like an ordinary day, but when I stop and think on what I have done today I realize I have made a change today. I cut my hair! I made the appointment on the spur of the moment at 9:15 am and by 9:45 am I was at my salon and looking thru books. I thought I was just getting a trim but the book was calling my name, and it was telling me "go new". Now I know books don't normally talk but this one did! So what was I to do but listen. So I cut about 4 1/2 to 5 inches off and went for a bob with a few short layers. I met my husband afterward at the bank and he said he hadn't realized it was me at first. I will post a picture in the next day or so. I like the style and I love the length. I did go shorter about 5 years ago but this I think is more feminine and mature looking.
After that, I realized I had not yet taken my son's one year portraits yet, I was waiting till he would stand well by himself, and he is at that point. He runs pushing things and he climbs but he still will only go 3-4 steps at a time with out holding on to something. Oh well to each they're own I guess. He was very sick off and on from 8-11 months old and he was diagnosed with a condition that causes bleeding and inflamation in the joints which was painful for him to bend at the knees and ankles for some time. We thought he was just being lazy right at first and just wanted us to do it for him, boy did we feel bad when we realized. Anyway, I think that may be the fear behind his walking. I will post more about I journey to a healthy and happy baby soon. Wow I just realized how much I rambled and almost forgot my point to the story, "what I did today". For my son's one year pictures I buy a tuxedo and I have a top hat and cane. So I ordered the tux for the Little Mister today and should be able to get pics taken sometime next week. Yeh!!
I will post the pictures later of both my little darlings in they're tux's because they are so darling.
Have a great night and rest of the weekend. Christina


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

sounds like we have the same haircut...i cut mine chin length with a lot of layers...but very similar to yours!!! i'll be posting photos soon. :-) *elizabeth

Dion said...

I can't believe you cut that much off. I can't wait until I can see it. I want a change when the baby is born. Can't wait to see the little misters pics.