Thursday, April 3, 2008


OH NO! Is definately right, I was on my computer yesterday afternoon and I got hit by a virus that gets in through messenger. I don't use messenger but my sister does and she was web camming another sister with my computer. We do have anti virus on our computer but it was not enough to stop it. It is called the "MonaRonaDona". They started taking possesion of my files one by one and so I turned off my computer to stop them from taking my picture files. I have backed them up in about 9months and I have not even printed at least 80% of them in the last 3months. OH NO! I took it down to the computer shop along with my laptop that also got hit through messenger about 3years ago. So any where from $140.00 to $240.00 we should have our computer back. I will continue to go to the library every other day to check e-mails and stay in touch with my blog. God bless and we'll blog again soon! Have a great weekend! Christina


Lisa said...

I hope you get your pics back OK.
If you can, switch to a Mac--I have not had any virus issues and they have a good photo back-up system.
"see" you soon!

Anonymous said...

That's to bad about your computer. Hopefully it will be the cheaper amount and you will have it back soon. Katrina

LittlePaintedPolkaDots said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful family. (I hope you get some yummy Chinese soon!!)