Thursday, April 17, 2008

Potty training!!!!!

Well, the time has come where there is no more pushing it off, waiting till they are really ready, and procrastination is out now. I need to potty train! Big Mister is 3 1/2 years old, I tried to potty train a year or a little more ago and it was evident that he really was not interested and no amount of bribes was going to work. Why today? The decision maker for me was when Big Mister was playing outside on this beautifull thursday morning and decided to pull down his pants and rip his diaper off and pee outside on a tree. How em-bare-ass-ing! Sorry I could not resist, I do not use any foul language but it was so literal. I hope I do not offend anyone. Anyhow, I pull the window down and told him to come inside and 3/4 - an hour later he gave in to sitting on the potty and put big boy underwear on. WHEW! I rewarded him with a sticker that had thomas and friends on it and now have a little poster up in the for him to stick up more stickers each time he is successful. This seems to make him happy at this time!

I also have read the following two books; 'the five love languages' and 'the personality plus'. I am going to try to use some tips out of these fabulous books to try and understand how he receives and understands challenges and praise. I just borrowed another book from my sister-in-law called 'the five love languages of children' and am curious if this book will aid any more assistance in this aspect. There is also another book that I have not had the opportunity to get yet called 'personality plus for parents'.
If you have any great tips on potty training for boys I would love to hear them. Any information to get through this next stage of raising children is appreciated.


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

hey-what a GREAT potty story. Big Mister has always had a mind of his own! My sis had girls, but she used a sort of reward method also and it her if you need some thoughts???? is 345a right now...I woke up worrying about SOMEONE (can you guess who...and it's not Tulip) and now I can't sleep... :-(


Lisa said...

I love the 5 love language series!
Potty training is such a joy--sigh :0