Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Succotash again today!

Leftovers today. I guess when spring hits or the children hit a new level of curiosity there is just a lot more that goes on. I'll start with the litle boys again! Big Mister is going through a terrible phase of throwing things; particularly things that will break, crash, or smash. Yesterday it was the chandelier, today it's the neighbors garage window!!!! Yes he not only aimed at the window, but hit it, not once but twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thankfully we had good neighbors.

I love spring, flowers to plant, tree's in bud, and the air is so fresh. I went to our local department store for diapers, milk, and dish soap. I ventured over to the lawn and garden department and fell in love! The pansies were so beautiful and every color and variety was calling my name. I have a lot of shade and so finding the right flowers for those conditions are a challenge at times. I found a beautiful ground cover that will come up each year and has beautiful purple blooms. It is called the Vinca 'sterling silver' periwinkle. There is also a variety of the vinca that is meant for sunny area's.

I also purchased another beautiful ground cover for my sunny
flower garden called Sedum 'John Creech' stonecrop. This plant has gorgeous thick litle leaves that grow in masses. This picture doesn't do it justice but it was the best I could do.
I am going to be an aunt again in a couple weeks. I am excited especially since I won't be the one losing all the sleep with the night time feedings. This will the tenth granchild for my side of the family. This ine is going to be a boy, we will then have 6 boys and 4 girls. That means I definately need my twin girls to even the score! LOL!
Excitement is building up for me with my first weigh-in coming up tommorrow for this next 12 week weight loss challenge. I am hoping for 3lbs. but we will see. Positive thoughts and the results are mine!
Well have a great night, Christina


virginia said...

So sorry about the window.At least it wasn't someones head.Beautiful flower choices,I needto get some because we have so much shade at the front of the house.Good luck with the weigh in I know you will do great.virginia

Wendi said...

Still laughing about the great pee story. Oh heaven help us all - mothers of boys!! Seems to be the only gender I can produce... :)
My Jay is 3 years and 2 months. Around the time he turned three I started putting underwear on him, scary I know! :) It really worked for him though. He so hated the feeling of wet underpants, and clothes, that it motivated him. He still wears a diaper at nap time and night but he is doing so well. I can't even put into words how exciting that is for me! :)
It will happen for your big mister too!
I'm so pleased for you at how well your weight loss has been going. Let us know how your progress is!