Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

What a day! That's why we are having succotash today; because I don't know what not to write about so we'll have a mixture. First I want to share a the story from yesterday. While I was rocking Little Mister for his afternoon nap, Big Mister puts up one finger and says "I'll be right back". He goes into the bathroom and closes the door and I thought oh no he's going to play in the sink and make a mess. I thought that's all right a small price to pay for some silence to get the baby to sleep. Right! What was I thinking? After I heard a few toilet flushes and he is not potty trained yet so there really was no need to be flushing, Right? He came out of the b.room proud as punch, buck naked, with his clothes in his hand. I ask, where is your diaper? he says,"in the b.room" he continues to babble and recognize the word socks! I ask where are your socks? He giggles and says, "potty mama" I was up in a flash! Yes, he flushed his socks down the toilet and tried flushing the toothpaste box and the toilet paper roll!

This morning, I preceed with my morning duties and the boys are in the other room gigling together, how sweet! right? I suddenly here a crash and run to see that big mister has thrown the bouncy ball and hit a pane of glass out of my chandelier in the foyer and little mister is laughing like this is great entertainment!Not!

The Biggest Loser finale! yeah! I could so identify with the emotions of the contestants, what victories they have all expierienced. Tonight's show was such an inspiration and a huge motivator to keep going and not lose my focus. I still have about 73lbs to go and it seems like a long road ahead, but I'm going to keep walking the road and stay focused on the end result, the VICTORY! Ally won and I am so excited for her and I also am so happy for Bernie getting the 100,000.

I have really enjoyed blogging lately. There are so many people out there with stories to tell and expieriences to share. I feel compelled to make a difference in other people's lives, motivated to become healthier, encouraged to be the best wife and mother I can be, and to learn and grow to stretch myself just a little farther towards success.

For all the scrapbookers out there, I have found a wonderful new versatile product. It is manufactered by Cropper Hopper and it is called the "craft pro-file". Here is a link to check out this new product.

Well God bless and have a great night, Christina


Irish Mom said...

Hello, I saw you on the HYC as a newbie, welcome!! We have the same haircut!! I mean exact, too funny!! I have many similar stories about toilets and kids (my dd even decorated the seat!!) Mine are 2 years apart and manage to get into EVERYTHING!!

Wendi said...

So laughing about the fate of the socks!! I can just relate all too well. :) BOYS boys boys... Gotta love 'em! Mine are 5, 3, and 1. I bet we could relate about alot. :)
You are doing so well with the weight loss. You just sound so motivated! I am excited to watch your womderful progress.

virginia said...

That is too funny.I remember the age when my kids did things like that.I am glad they are through it but it did make for some funny moments.This too shall pass.virginia

Anonymous said...

I know my time is coming with the toilet flushing. Right now we can just keep the seat down and the door shut. But when she can open the door herself Watch out. The most she has done is her sippy cup. I didn't get it shut in time. Oh how the fun will begin. Katrina

Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

I was SOOOO excited that Ally won last night! I think she really deserved it!!!

I am still laughing abuot Big Mister flushing-fiasco!


Elizabeth...mommy...etc said...

PS: I love the "succotash tuesday"...just a little bit of everything...works for me!