Friday, May 2, 2008

Antique toys!

I love old things, and I love toys. My boys' room is done in a classic horse theme, I have a real cowboy hat hanging on the shelf along with some cowboy boots and a picture of Big Mister wearing bothat his 2 year old session. I have navy blues and beige for my colors and bedding that matches that I made. Also displayed in the room is a beautiful horse pull toy that you can no longer buy, and a picture of big mister sitting on my hubby's saddle. Now, back to my point. I stopped at a garage sale today and they had this beautiful bouncing horse toy that was very obviously an antique. The details are very nice and it is made on a little smaller scale than most of the ones you see now days. They were asking $25.00 and I got it for $20.00. I am very 'tickled' with my purchase and will be rearranging the boys' room to fit it in there. I have included some of the pictures of my antique horse as well as some in the boys' room. I will take more pics soon. God Bless!


Mari said...

That looks like the one I had when I was young, so it really can't be an antique!
It is cool!

Lisa said...

I love those little ponies and your cowboy is a cutie too :)