Friday, May 23, 2008

Foto Friday!

I thought I would post some pictures of the last couple weeks.
I love his first one, It reminds me of the saying "looking through rose colored glasses". I thinkit is so fitting because I don't think children see all the heaviness of everday life(at least we hope not), everything seems like roses.

Here is a picture of the only time in ten days that all four children were sleeping at once!!

Big Mister had a booboo on his head and bandaids make everything better, don't they?

We had silly moments too, and this is Little Mister being silly and crazy like he is most of the time.

When we got home we were putting in a new section of countertops for my scrapbooking corner, (I will post more later) and we had a couple of large boxes that we got the idea from my Cousin Elizabeth to make it into a playhouse for the boys. They love it.


Elizabeth said...

we still have tulip's cardboard playhouse in her play room! :-) very cute! *elizabeth

Wendi said...

What an awesome idea! :) I love how much fun children have with things we consider trash, or at least unuseful. Hours of fun... :)

Purple Teacup said...

I love the pictures. I am inspired by the boxes. So I guess I am getting new countertops. LOL

virginia said...

OH,YES what a beautiful sight when all the babies are sleeping at the same time.That was my life goal when mine were all that age.Love the playhouse idea.Kids always love boxes anyway.