Saturday, May 3, 2008

More flowers!

The local greenhouse has opened for the season. I was all to excited, I told my DW that I could live in a greenhouse. The colors this year are so gorgeous, and they lots of new types of flowers. I love the trailing Verbena, and this flower that looks like a mini petunia, but they require so much watering. I have three large pots in the front of my garage that has a lot of sun. This was my project this morning, to choose the flowers that I want for those and I always do eachpot alike. I chose the Pink sizzle Geraniums (from cuttings instead of seed), upright blue lobelia, yellow biddens, and white wax begonias. First I started with height andthen color, and then filler. So that I get an eye catching pot with lots of dimension I would set the flowers by one another to make sure the colors don't clash and that I won't hide any of the flowers because they are all the same height. I will post some picture of these beauty's and if you have a sunny area this is a great assortment to purchase.
The picture of the pink geranium is up close and it shows the little blossoms that make up big clumps of blossoms. I hope you enjoyed these flowers. God Bless!


Mari said...

Tose pictures are gorgeous! I love flowers and greenhouses. It's time for me to visit our local greenhouse too. When my son was in high school he worked at the greenhouse and sometimes took flowers home. Too bad - he doesn't get any from the army!

Hanlie said...

Beautiful flowers!

Wendi said...

SO pretty! I love flowers! I don't know a whole lot about the tending of different kinds of flowers, but I have a raised flower bed and a couple of small pots right outside my door. I need to get a few pretty plants to put into my pots. They just brighten your day so much don't they?