Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stay at home mom, or not?

I have been throwing around the idea of going back to work for a while, and wasn't sure am I abandoning my children by taking them to day care? Is it my calling to remain a SAHM? Can the boys and I juggle day care and homemaker? as you can see I have many questions and there truly isn't a way for me to get a clear answer accept to go for it and see. I have jumped on the bandwagon of getting out of debt with DW and I want to do all I can do to get us there as quickly as possible. I have made the call to my previous bosses to inquire about going back to work part-time and also do a at home business 1-2 nights per week. Do I sound like I'm crazy? Because I really think I can accomplish this and that my boys will still be healthy and normal despite the change in they're routine. DW is great with helping out and trying to have a unit (our family) running smoothly. i will keep you all posted as to what the future will bring.
God Bless, christina


Mari said...

I am a nurse and did work part time when my kids were young. I worked 11-7 and 3-11 so we didn't have to do day care. The kids went to my husbands aunts house for about an hour to cover the overlap. It worked okay for us, but there are sacrifices. I had to miss school and other events sometimes. It's always hard when they are sick too. It's a big decision either way.

Lisa said...

I did some volunteer work when I had just the twp and really enjoyed it--with 4 there is no way.
I say listen to your heart!

Wendi said...

This is a hard one... One that you have to be very sensitive to God's leading on. I love how you guys really desire to make your life better by reducing/getting rid of debt!! That is so great!
We are commited to being debt free as well, and so far God has been very faithful in helping us!! The only thing we owe on is our house. It is awesome!
You have such a great heart and I am encoureged, knowing God will lead you to what is right for your family! Keep us updated!

Purple Teacup said...

There is a season for everything, but there are so many things that you can do to save money rather than go back to work. Home businesses are a great tax write-off and can be a lot of fun. I tried the MLM stuff, but just couldn't do it.