Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday's to-do list!

I am preparing for a 10 day trip to my sister's. She had a new baby boy by c-section and already has a beautiful little girl that is almost 2 years old. I am going with my 2 boys to help her out for awhile so she can recover and heal properly. DW wil be taking us down (she is 4 1/2 hrs. away) and then coming home on sunday and coming back for us the following weekend. You may be wondering why I don't just take myself. It's Mother's day weekend and since the boy's are still young DW is my present source and I love presents. (I do love giving them too) Plus DW also wants to see our new nephew.
I have a huge garden and I wanted all my seed planted before I go so it doesn't get such a late start. So, last night we got the majority out and this morning I planted another 240 feet. The garden is planted, we have a total of 180 ft of sugar snap pea's, 180 ft of sweet pea's, 360 ft of sweet corn, 390 ft of green beans, 120ft of beets, 40 ft of spinach, 7 hills butternut squash and 5 hills of summer squash. At the end of may I will plant all my tomato plants and my pepper plants. My lettuce for some reason doesn't like my garden spot so I will be plant a large wooden box planter with my romaine lettuce. I look forward to my strawberry's this year. I am hoping for a good 40 quarts.

Tonight we are moving the railroad ties that adorn the parking area we have in front of our house which I hate completely. They will be replaced by 2 ft white picket fencing and we'll use the railroad ties for a playground area in the back yard under one of our huge maples. We bought tons of red cedar wood chips for the playground area and then the large toys won't ruin the grass and it will look very nice.

I have my laundry almost caught up so when I pack tomorrow it should be a breeze.

I have grocery shopped for my hubby while I am gone so he doesn't have to slave in the kitchen or settle for cereal.

This morning I was able to select my favorite photo's of Little Mister's one year old pics, they were so cute, he was in a full tuxedo with the cane and top hat. I will post them soon. This should be the end of my to-do for today. Have a great Tuesday! God bless,


Mari said...

Congrats on your new nephew. It's so sweet of you to help out and I bet you will enjoy it too! Your landscaping ideas sound wonderful - be sure to post before and after pictures!

Wendi said...

Wow! You really do have a huge garden! Isn't it great to find things we enjoy and then throw ourselves into them?
My in laws have a strawberry garden that could feed a small country. :) I can't wait! They are soo good.
Enjoy your time with your sister! I love those times of being together. Loking forward to hearing all about it.:)

Lisa said...

Yay for a new nephew!
Your garden seems amazing!