Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday madness!

I haven't done Monday Madness in a while and I like the ring it has to it so I am going to try to keep it up each week. I know I am not the only Woman, sister, wife, mother, and friend that has moments, days, and weeks that you feel like you are just going plain crazy! CRAZY!! Well, I am here to tell all of you ladies it's okay to go crazy, all in good humor. This is the rhyme to my madness, thus creating MONDAY MADNESS!
Why did I choose monday? well because it rhymes with madness and I chose madness because it can be serious and it can be fun. Today is for fun. I have done the tidying, the laundry, cleaned up puke and poop, fix the bottles, given the naps, watered the flowers, and prepped dinner for guests tonight. Now, seriously do you ever think the male species could multi task like this? NO! But we love them anyway's. I look forward to 5:30pm when the love of my life comes home and the boys go running for him and I get first dib's on the kisses because I am the wife, the mother, and the WOMAN! I am so enjoying writing because "I am woman" and I love my jobs. reading back to numerous posts in the past I admit I was not so confident in my victorious attitude, but today is monday madness!

Needless to say I am looking forward to my dinner tonight, and I have walked my garden today and am liking how well it is doing and the the grass is green and the sun is shining, and who cares about the puke and the poop? If you would like to join me in my Monday madness leave a comment and let me know what makes your monday madness, and is it serious or fun for you today!
God Bless, Christina


Kathryn said...

Monday Madness! Perfect. Every Monday seems to be madness. Just getting my oldest to school on time with the two little boys in-tow is madness. Especially when non of them slept well the night before. Makes for a very MAD Monday!

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my post. I truly appreciate it!

katrina said...

Right now I feel like I have Monday madness every day with new baby, the chicken pox, and a little girl who is a little bit jealous of baby brother. I don't get one thing done. I feel like I live in a tornado because that's what my house looks like. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's not. All this will pass and I will look back and wonder where time went and wish for them again. So good or not so good I will cherish all the moments. I do love being a mom and a wife and believe there is no higher calling!! Katrina

Purple Teacup said...

I am feeling pretty mad every day....but praying through it most of the time.