Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

Okay, so after the madness of Monday I throw everything in the mix and make sense of it (kinda) and try to have a productive week. I am in the mix mode still but the making sense of it all mode is coming shortly, thus bringing around 'SUCCOTASH TUESDAY'.
I know you are thinking why succotash? well, why not? Just kidding, I have always loved the mixture of vegi's that makes up succotash, the flavors and the colors, not the same old boring single color and single flavor. It says fun, complicated, sassy, and mess with a smile at the end. Do I make sense at all? If not that's all right, I am WOMAN afterall!

So what's in my mix for today to create a productive week?

*write and send out bills
*plant squash in the garden
*Plant tomatoes and peppers
*clean the house
*do the laundry
*re-coop from fabulous dinner guests
*get my children back on a schedule
*plan DW's 30th birthday surprise

*paint the side of the garage and the gate
*plan another scrapping session
*stay on track with my weightloss program

Okay so this is actually my to-do list for what I would like done today, but logicaly speaking I am one 1 WOMAN, and so I am going to prioritize and allow myself some room to be flexible and not uptight about getting it all done, afterall, in succotash the carrots don't stay on the left, and the lima's on the right, corn on th bottom, no that is so rediculous to even think about, throw it together and surprise yourself, make a long list and check it off and praise the things you got done and the things you learned and enjoyed.

I also wanted to throw out another note that I have been married 4 wonderful years and have not been able to fit in my wedding dress since about a month after the wedding and at 11pm sunday night I drug that bad boy out and it zips, with me in it! One goal down many to go but praise in the victories.

My boys are doing fabulous, Little Mister has virtually no evidence of the chicken pox, Big Mister has many evidences, he is now crunchy. All his many spots are crispy and crunchy. He is not cranky any more so it's all good from here.

I have met my sister's boyfriend on several occasions now but got to know him much better last night. He had a couple dvd's that we could watch (home video's) and learn his family members and what his church is like and the culture he comes from. He is a native from Brasil. He has a degree in teaching and has a very kind heart. His family is a loving and tight knit family, which is character building for me to see. It's one thing to play games and have dinner with him but that still wasn't giving me anymore information as to where he is coming from and what he stands for in several important area's. The home video's were very interesting and we got to know him better through them.

Enjoy your succotash,


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow, congrats on getting into the dress! That's AWESOME! One of my goals as well! :)

Mari said...

I like that succotash idea! Good name. Yeah for you getting into your dress. I would be thrilled to get into mine!

Wendi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today.
What a cute post idea.
I have a long list of "to-do's" as well...ugh!
I can not imagine fitting into my wedding dress now.
I was a size 2, now I am a size...well, I am NOT a size 2!
Great to "meet" you!

Purple Teacup said...

That is awesome about the wedding dress!

Manuela said...

You're invited to a garden party at my blog tomorrow :)

Lisa said...

Yay for your success on the dress--you are doing great!
Happy the boys are doing better--those pox will be gone on your second boy very quickly!

Wendi said...

I was glad to read you were being flexible on your goals...I was about to feel like a real slacker after reading your to do list! WOW! :) These days I would be fortunate to get three of those done... :)
So gald to hear the little ones are doing better. And yay for the wedding dress! You have been working so hard!

Vixbil said...

How fantastic on the wedding dress and I hope you and hubby have great birthday evening