Thursday, August 21, 2008


I have some great pictures of the boys playing yesterday. They played in the sprinkler and then in the sand box and were just fabulous for like 3 hours. but I don't have time to upload them today. I am trying to deal with a teething 1 year old and get ready for my class tonight and enjoy a little peace and quiet for a moment while the kids are sleeping.
I am very excited for our weekender on saturday morning, we need a little vacation and are prepared for a blast.
I really don't have a whole lot that I am inspired to talk about right now, I think my mind is just to pre-occupied to focus lately. It seems there are many directions that I feel like I need to go that I am not focusing on any one in particular. Anyone else that that happens too? I am also very melancholy in personality and then my choleric half gets annoyed with the melancholy half because it won't get its act together. Oh, well its a week and maybe by monday night when I get home I will be inspired and have an attitude to inspire others.
I hope you have a great Thursday and see you soon, Christina


new*me said...

I too have felt pulled in many directions lately. There are so many things I want to do and just don't have time for. A lot of things are waiting on me. I need a couple weeks all to myself to get them done but that won't happen so I am muddling through and trying not to get stressed about it. I need more time for ME ;) Remember to take the time for you. Enjoy your weekend vacation!

Elizabeth said...

yes, focus is difficult lately for me many things to do! hope you guys have a great it the whole fam or just you & DW?

Anonymous said...

AWWWW....hang in there!! My El has molars coming in as well....and all I want to do is take a nap!! The boys are working on homework, and El is things are nice and quiet in the moment. Don't fret!!

heather j said...

Can't wait to see the pictures, I love pictures. You guys have a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to see the pictures from that trip as well.

The reason I rarely get on to blog is because I can never stay focused long enough to get anything accomplished :) So you are most definitely not alone.

Purple Teacup said...

You know what's weird? I am an expressive-analytic, but I can so relate to you. Why is that?