Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Is it wednesday?

Really, Is it Wednesday, already? I feel like i just float from one day to the next and the weeks of the summer are just flying by. I am enjoying my days with the boys and have so many things I still want to do with them this summer. Like going to the zoo as a family, it would be Little Mister's first day at the zoo and he will love it, and go to the lake and enjoy all the great things that sand and sun has to offer. I also want to go on a romantic picnic with my husband and be selfish with his time and not share him for a selected window of time.
Today I enjoyed the good times in the sun with my Grandma, and doing a little gardening for her. I needed to condense my strawberry patch and so she asked if she could have just a few plants to enjoy some fresh berries next summer. I of course said yes. We made a date and I loaded the boys and sited in my project. I was taking it one step at a time so I would accomplish the project that had her seal of approval. I pull out brush, and worked up the ground with a shovel, and found some scrap wood for a box about 12 feet long and 2 feet wide and ten inches high. I was handy enough to do a little hammer job with those pieces and set on top of the worked area. i then proceeded to take a huge huge wheelbarrow out into the horse pasture (it had to at least 500 ft away) and fill it with great compost. It was after I had filled it and feeling quite proud that the challenge came. The one front tire was flat! I had to lift one side higher to balance my load on the other tire with out tipping it and push it back all 500 feet plus!!! I was proud when I came back tho because grandma's getting a strawberry patch. grandma came out to see the progress and figured 2 more loads will probably fill the box.......... I did a double take remembering a few short moments ago the journey that I had just finished, I played it cool tho and as I was emptying the wheelbarrow secretly praying that God would not let me reach the bottom before the box was filled knowing the journey ahead if it did. Well, another trek I made, and I better make it full so that I won't have to make a third trek. The box was filled and I used lawn fabric to avoid weeding for her and tacked it all down securely, and planted the precious strawberry plants. I pray that they flourish and she gets a great crop next summer. My hands are caloused and my back is sore but I enjoyed every minute of my time (seriously) as some day I won't have the chance to spend time with her anymore.
I promised that I would grab a specific special daughter of her's and my mom and come back in the fall and replant her flower bed and till t up nice, I of course haven't told my mom or this special daughter of this yet so we'll keep it our little secret for now till I figure a way to do a little sweet talkin'.
A great day and i hope your's was too, God Bless, Christina


Elena said...

That is so sweet of you to do that for your grandma:)

katrina said...

I hope that the patch does good for grandma. She will love the fresh berries. I'm glad you could do that for her. Watch God bless your patch even more next year.

Wendi said...

I think you would feel so much satisfaction after that! :) Wonderful! I bet you made your grandma's day. I love your sweet attitude of service, as I just read this and your latest post on doing for others. Very encouraging!! :)

virginia said...

God bless you for doing that for her.The bible says true fasting is taking care of the widows and the orphans and you did that,so God bless