Monday, August 18, 2008

It's a Monday

What do I mean by it's a Monday? Well it seems I have this habit that whenever the first day of the week comes I think I can accomplish a weeks worth of duties and fun in one day! HA HA, If my boys would allow it I would still need to be superwoman. Which by the way my husband has informed me that I should have been a man instead of a woman because I have a lot of fight in me. I asked if I scare him, and he says sometimes because I have a strong bite! Whatever he means by that, because he fends for himself quite well enough. I don't think he is ever actually scared of me, he just wants me to think that he thinks I have a little power from time to time. I am on to his little mind game but we won't tell him just yet.

Anyway, on to Mondays. I did get the majority of the laundry done I just need to put my sorted piles away before Little Mister comes and destroys it all. I finally canned my banana pepper rings today. It did not take long and can't wait to try them. Our local farm market had a great deal on broccoli so I bought about ten heads to clean and freeze and finished that project today as well, YEAH(I love when I can check things off). When they have a great deal on them I can't grow it myself cheaper. The garden had another half dozen summer squash, a dozen ears of corn, and about 4 gallons of green beans. I am totally giving the beans away since I am too busy this week to do them.
We ate the corn tonight for dinner with turkey burgers. MMMMMMM it was delicious and I know I stayed well with in my calories.
Yesterday was a great day for our family, we had our annual church hog roast and picnic. We start out with a concert in an outdoor taberbnacle featuring Wayburn Dean who is phenominal, then we all walk down to the river and have our baptisms for those who wish, this year was extra special for us. My husband had made the decision to become baptized. He accepted the Lord as his savior 4 years ago and was convicted that it was time for him to be baptized. After the baptisms, which I can't even convey how amazing it is, we have our picnic. We look forward to this event each year.
I would like for you all to keep my Grandma on my Mom's side on your prayer list. She is terminally ill and has a limited amount time with us. She lives about 10 hours away, and the concern that I want you all to pray for is her salvation. She is a good woman and very religious but she has not made a personal commitment with Jesus Christ yet. She doesn't believe that you can be assured of eternal life. But I know that the bible speaks of many promises and eternal life.
On a lighter note, I hope you all have a great night and God Bless, Christina


new*me said...

I get the same way on Mondays. I could have scrubbed all day if the kids let me. I try to get as much done the first two hours of the day as possible because I never know what kind of a day it's going to turn out to be with the kiddos :) I will keep your Grandma in my prayers.

katrina said...

The picnic sounds so much fun. Ours is this weekend, so we will have to miss it. A little 7 year old that I babysit from time to time is getting baptized. That's so awesome about DW. I Am going to put grandma on our prayer chain also. See you soon.

Mari said...

You got lots done! Doesn't that make you feel good? I'll be praying for your Grandma.

Anonymous said...

banana peppers! yum!!

yep. I'm confident that your week will be better....and better....!

Elena said...

I will be praying for your grandma that the Lord will work a miracle in her life and soul.

Elizabeth said...

wow...i love that your guy got please! :-)

how do you have time & space to freeze & can so are practically a super hero!

Purple Teacup said...

It's never too late- praying for your grandma. Give an update when you can.