Thursday, August 14, 2008

serving others....

It is no secret that I love presents and the royal treatment. But I think I can say I balance that with the desire to serve others as well. I like to do things for others that I know will be something that they will see as a treat and not what I may see as valuable. The bible also talks about serving him and serving others that they may see the hand of god at work. I was just listening to family life radio the other and a lady had called in about her being intentional about going to church and living it throughout the week even tho her husband was not willing to go. They're marriage was not going well, but the change in her, being intentional about serving Christ had her husband convinced he at least needed to go to church and see what kind of man could make a change in his wife like this. Now back to my point of talking about serving;
I say this because I just got done throwing a couple of cherry pies in the oven. I don't particularly enjoy baking nor am I the greatest at it. With a good amount of effort I can accomplish a great pie tho. Our neighbor Don has been so great to us this summer, he cut the bordering fence and rides is lawn mower over and mowes for us from time to time when he knows we aren't able to because we're on vacation or in the hospital or just plain busy. This takes him all of 20 minutes with his riding mower but it saves us about 2 hours of push mowing. we appreciate that he has helped us and has never expected anything in return, but we still want him to know how well we have appreciated this. So I made him a pie, and my dear sweet husband is getting a pie too, with all the sugar and butter and calories for him to enjoy! Although this is not a task I enjoy especially, I do it with joy knowing that others will appreciate and its for them that I do it. I would like to challenge myself and anyone else who wants to take up on the challenge to think less about ourselves and more about how we can serve. I love Randy Carlesons broadcasts about being intentional.

The other day I talked a bit about making sweet pickled banana peppers and Manuela has requested the recipe. So I am posting it for all to enjoy.

Sweet pickled banana peppers
Wash and cut banana peppers into rings, cut 9 cloves of garlic into quarters, stuff 8 oz. or pint jars with peppers and garlic. Bring your brine to a rolling boil and pour over peppers. clean the tops of the jars and put your lid and ring on tight and it should seal on its own.
1 quart vinegar
2 quarts water
1/4 cup sugar or honey
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp alum

So I better get my laundry done and tidy up before my Little Mister gets up from his nap. God Bless, Christina


katrina said...

I know I need to be more serving to people I don't care for as much. I love doing things for poeple, but it's doesn't happen as much if they are rude and not very nice people. But I guess that's who we should be serving more to witness.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You always bring up such great points that I need to be reminded of! And I know your neighbor thoroughly enjoyed that cherry pie...sounds wonderful.

Jori said...

You are a very kind soul, Christina. I enjoy practising random acts of kindness, and enjoy seeing the reactions even more! I think I will have to work on doing that more often. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

I always think the hardest part of serving others is getting your feet out the door....then you're always glad you did it. (even if it's only your precious family that is being served)

new*me said...

i love doing for others :) It is work but the feeling you get back is worth it! To make a difference in another's day is a blessing. Thanks for the insight.

Elizabeth said...

sounds like you & gma had a great day. i envy your time w/ her!!! :-)

good reminder about service...i am definitely neeeding to do more.

virginia said...

It is such a good feeling to serve others.God always takes care of us,but I agree with Katrina's comment.I need to do more for the ones that aren't friendly