Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Succotash Tuesday!

Okay, Succotash is back this week. Why? Well because it has been a mixture of many things day.

For starters I was so blessed to have my grandma spend the day with me. We started out on the back patio with a great breeze and the boys were playing while we cleaned lots of green beans and lots of beets. We took our time and just enjoyed visiting and my rose garden. Oh that's right I haven't shown you my rose garden yet. Well here are my beauties. And this is only the center of my rose garden. I will take another picture because these bushes have doubled plus I have another 7-8 bushes that aren't in the picture.

Then we had a great lunch with some fresh sweet corn out of my garden and a mixture of other tasty things. Big Mister ate 3 ears of corn. We finished off our afternoon with a great big slice of sweet and juicy watermelon. Since my grandma is amish I had to take her home, not that that is a chore by any means.

We then made a run to our local wal-mart to get a few items with my friend Layla who has another very special date (yeah) tommorrow and is fixing a picnic with my too cute heart shaped picnic basket. we came back and made cupcakes and put Little Mister to bed since it was 8 o'clock and he is so on a schedule. I decorated a special cupcake for my sweetie since he has been working so hard lately and I miss him.

Oh, I almost forgot, we also made these fabulous granola balls for the cookie monsters in my house.

Here is a picture of my sleeping baby...

and here is a picture of my big baby not asleep at 10 o'clock waiting for daddy!

And let's not forget the fabulous beets... the pints are pickled beets and the quarts are regular beets!


Elizabeth said...

sooooo jealous that you spent the day with "mammie"...boohoo for me! but i am SOOOOO thrilled that she got away from her house for a few hours and had some fun with you! sounds like it was very special!

your flowers & boys are gorgeous as always!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You are one busy lady! Love your rose garden...you should post another picture since they have grown so much since then.

Manuela said...

The roses are always a favourite of mine and I LOVE pickled beets.

Can't wait to see more pics of your roses :)

Wendi said...

Ohhh, I too LOVE your rose garden! You do a great job! My flower bed is so in need of tending it is sad.
I am always amazed at how much you get done - besides just being a wife and mom. You must be very organized! :)
I also really enjoyed the pictures from the beach on your previous post! How fun! Our boys would live in the water if we'd let them. ::)

katrina said...

I also made the granola balls last night. I have been without them for a week now and am soooo craving them. Good thing they're healthy. :) Big mister looks so grown up. The roses look beautiful.

new*me said...

You have a green thumb for sure :) Sounds like a beautiful day with Grandma and your family and friends. Your boys are precious! Will you share the recipe for the granola balls? They look like something my cookies monsters would love too :)

Jori said...

Whew - you tired me out just READING your post!
What an incredible day you had - and so much completed! You amaze me!

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

No wonder you are so tired on your next post ;)

virginia said...

How nice to spend some time with grandma.Sounds like you had a fun day