Saturday, August 30, 2008

what is that , that I smell?

it kind of smells like peaches, but no my nose says it's tomatoes, but the onions and garlic are drawing me in close tosee truly what it is I smell. Ah Ha it is indeed many peaches as well as a large kettle bubbling with onions and garlic in tomatoe juice and many aromatic spices. I have been very busy the last two days getting all my peaches canned, and I have accomplished this goal with a total of 61 quarts!! Along with that I have been working on my spagetti sauce, which I use on burritos, all pasts, meatloaf, and many more things. I just got done canning 32 1/2 quarts of sauce and picked more tomatoes and peppers to do another 15 - 18 quarts next week! It smells wonderful although I don't want peaches or spagetti for a good week or so. I did not take pictures because I was so tired and the boys have been a hand full the last two days. Little Mister has decided to step it up a notch in is mischeviousness, he has decided to prune all of my rose bushes with his tonka truck and push vaccum, then he decided to dig a hole in my lettuce garden in the planter that my husband built on the edge of my patio and throw that wonderful black dirt all over and then turn on the hose and make mud. Yes this is my lovely 17 month old. After bath number three and outfit number three by 5:30 pm I let him go in a diaper to play, no more laundry for this mama.
My dear sweetheart DW is working today so I am going to continue to take advantage of the day and pull the last of my beets and pick some beans. Then I have about 6 loads of laundry decorating my sofa that needs to be folded and put away. Oh, is this a holiday weekend? Well you wouldn't know it around here, there is to much work to do. We need a holiday in october besides halloween , because I hate halloween and anything to do with it. My boys don't even know the word and when the see a witch or a ghost they go "oh mama yuck". That's my boy!!
I am however getting another scrapping weekend together for october and very excited about that.. Well the beans won't pick themselves, nor will the beets. so I better get out there and get it done.
God Bless, christina


Candyland said...

I think that stepping it up a notch in is mischeviousness is something that never goes away.....and the "mischeviousness" just gets more and more..well, mischevious;-)

Mari said...

It is "labor" day weekend - I don't thing you should relax on it! I hate halloween too. I stick to thanksgiving and harvest type decorating.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

My girls' school and our church don't celebrate Halloween but the still trick'r'treat and they love the Charlie Brown episode (I got rocks.)
I hope you are getting some rest :)

new*me said...

I don't really like Halloween either. We do the cute stuff....I hate the ugly stuff! I love to decorate for favorite season......with pumpkins, scarecrows, hay,etc. You have been one busy lady with all that canning. Your scrapbooking weekend sounds like fun!

Purple Teacup said...

We celebrate 'harvest.' =)Can you post your sauce recipe?