Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life happens..............

Well if you wondered what happened to me, I will simply tell you LIFE!! I started getting very busy on friday when I went scrapbooking untill midnight and then saturday I was gone all day at a health conference. I wanted to say hi and fill you in on sunday, but I was so enjoying the relaxation time with my husband since the boys slept a long time. On Monday I got a phone call that my sister and family were coming from out of state for a week or so to work with my cousins husband. Work at home for them is slower than ours in construction.
We are enjoying the time with them, and are hoping to can applesauce this week together. I finally got all of my beets in from the garden and I pickled and canned them, I have another batch of spagetti sauce brewing right now, and think I can get most of my garden cleaned out this weekend.
God has blessed our garden so much this year, so many others are not having the harvest they were hoping for. We should get about 70 or so quarts total of spagetti sauce.
DW is a happy man as he bought a 2 year old colt and is going to train her for riding and sell her and hope that he can keep doing that to make some extra money on the side as well. His passion has always been to work with horses and since we have been married he has not had the space to do so. He came home last night with a lighter step than usual and a twinkle in his eye, (and I thought I was the one that put that twinkle there) LOL!
Well, My best friend is coming over in a bit to scrapbook with my sister and I so I still need to finish my sauce and the laundry so I better scoot. I will upload some pictures soon so you too can see my little darlings.
God Bless, Christina


Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I'm happy things are going so great :)
All that food you are canning--you will be set for the winter! (I just went over the Ants and the Grasshopper with my oldest and all your storing reminds me of this.)

Jessica's Journey To Being One Hot Mom! said...

I just love reading about all the good stuff you do....all that canning! I am so amazed and jealous of all the wonderful goodies you put away.

I am happy for DH that he will get to train a colt. How exciting!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Well, I'd say you have the best excuse for not blogging...spending time with friends and family! :)

Elizabeth said...

hey! so glad that K can visit you for a while. tell her i said hi!

took tulip into the PED today...was SURE she had ear inf and turns out her gums are just so bad that all of her fussying and pulling at her hair and head is all from just her gums. She took a look at the bottom gums and couldn't believe how swollen them were. made me feel a little more sane knowing that i'm not just seeing things! haha she also said not to fret too much about her eating...keeping offering healthy alternatives...but keep high caloric/fatty items on hand for her. ANY IDEAS i'd love to hear them! :-)

new*me said...

when i read about all you do, I often wonder if you ever have a chance to sit down :) Life happens and aren't we lucky it does!?

Mari said...

I can tell you are busy but having lots of fun too. I bet the boys love having a colt around!

Candy said...


I WISH I COULD go scrapbooking until midnight!!!!

heather j said...

Thank you for inspiring me to can this year. I was really hoping I would get to, but I was sure that everything would be ready to can while I was away on vacation. Turns out that our garden was never really going to be ready. It just got to much rain and then not enough and then to much again. But I love my raspberry jam and Jalepeno Jam. I bought some tomatoes at a road side stand today and will have enough to can some salsa tomorrow and hopefully some of your spaghetti sauce on Friday or Saturday.

I can't wait to join you and your friends scrapbooking one of these Friday's. I was so bummed I missed out on last Friday...but make sure to let me know about the next time you go :)

Felicia said...

WOW you werent kidding. Talk about busy busy. How wonderful!! The canning sounds great!! My garden is to small to have enough to do it but I still can remember doing it with my Gram. Great memories.

Have a wonderful day!!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

I'm so glad that your husband gets to do something he relly loves!
I'm also a little bit jealous of your scrapbooking time! :) I need to make more time to do it. It is so inspiring and satisfying. :)