Friday, September 26, 2008

a little of everything.........

I wanted to post a recipe request, it is so delicious and a perfect fall entree.
This is how I make butternut squash.

Baked butternut
peel and cube your butternut
place in a large bowl, then;
sprinkle with a good dose of cinnamin
drizzle 1/3 cup of melted butter
sprinkle with salt
sprinkle with a lttle nutmeg
stir well and place in a covered casserole dish
bake at 350 degrees about 40-50 minutes untill very tender.

I am taking Little Mister for his 1 1/2 month doctor visit, and am hoping that the doctor is pleased with how he is doing. He does ave a rash starting and Big Mister has it as well but I doubt my doctor will know what it is. he will more than likely prescribe an anti-itch cream for something he has no clue about. What faith in our physician, HUH?

I am also going to can 2 bushels of apples into applesauce today and then do another bushel later. I promised DW that I will make him an apple cake today. He was telling my brother-in-law last night that there is nothing better than this cake not even ice cream. Now those are some standards.

We recieved some more good news. We had a very bad hail storm earlier in the summer and our insurance has approved to replace the whole house and garage roof. It was a very old roof and so now we don't have to pay for it. YEAH!!

I had my weigh-in this morning. I have to tell you that I was happy and mad at the same time. I lost since last week a little more than a poundl; but I have been itching to be at the 60 lb. lost mark. Well this puts me at 59.9 pounds lost yeah ! but I am only 1 ounce away from saying 60 lbs lost. UURRGH! Oh well I guess I need to work more intentionally on it than what I have been.

Have a great friday! Christina


new*me said...

wow, that is great news about the roof!

My kiddos sometimes seem to get mysterious rashes too. I worry and take them in too. I say you should never take a chance with your babies ;)

Have a great weekend~

Elizabeth said...

hey c,
i might have missed you blogging on it since i've been so out of it with our new adjustments...but have you heard anything more about the job? i hope that whatever happens that you are at peace with it...i feel good about that. :-)

btw...are you dying to see the new movie's a Christian based film with KIRK heartthrob of my high school years!!! he's a great christian husband and father now and even in the "kissing" scene they doubled his own wife into the shot so he would not have to kiss another woman...soooooo wonderful!

anyway...just thought i'd check in...

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

60 pounds is in your reach :)

I love butternut squash--let me know if you'd like more recipes ;)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

60 pounds! You are doing an amazing're more than halfway there!

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

YAY! Almost 60 pounds! That is amazing Christina!! :)

Anonymous said...






Queen to my 3 Boys said...

60 lbs - that's hard work. Great job, Christina!

virginia said...

I hope little mister is fine.I wish a hail storm would hit my roof.ha

heather j said...

Thanks for the recipe :) We made it last night. I have to admit that we added brown sugar, but that is just because I have major sweet tooth ;)

Hope little mister is feeling better!