Thursday, September 18, 2008

sitting on top of the couch is the coolest and funnest, apparently!

Yes, this is a pink dollhouse in a home where no little girls reside. But, the boys love as you can see dolls not nessesary.

My sweetheart!

and my other sweetheart!

Boys are always having fun when dirt and mud is involved.

All tuckered after a long fun night at the rodeo, lasso under the arm, shoes off and you see where he'll hang his hat!
Big Mister loves going for a walk and riding his bike on the road, Super cool!!LOL
I hope you enjoyed as much as we did. God Bless and have a great day!


Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Wow, Big Mister looks so GROWN UP all of a sudden. What happened??? :) Funny how fast it goes...suddenly they aren't babies anymore.

Felicia said...

Adorable!! Love the photos. So cute!! Joshua loves the top of the couch to. There is something about sitting up there that just cracks him up.

Have a great one!

Mari said...

Great pictures! I laughed at the pink dollhouse. I can tell boys were playing there because of all the cars lined up!

new*me said...

beautiful pics and thank God for washing machines ;)

Manuela said...

Loved the pictures--what a joyous time childhood is!

I'm also looking forward to seeing some pictures of the fall garden and especially your pumpkin crop :)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Hey at least he keeps the cushions on the couch--ours is a constant fort!

It looks like they had lots of fun--and mud--not just for the boys; my girls play in the mud a lot more than my oldest son. The younger son is a different story, a much different, messier story.......

Elena said...

Great pictues. I enjoyed them very much! Have a great day. Elena

Anonymous said...

those are just the SWEETEST little faces ever.

enjoy every minute!!

4funboys said...

what great smiles!

heather j said...

Hey Lavern has a pink and purple bike like Josiah's ;)

I especially loved the pictures of the sleeping kids.