Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fall, scrooge, and yes, you're all right!

Yes many of you have commented on the grand cherrio mess that I will probably be finding them for weeks. It has been I think a week, and yes I am still finding them. In shoes, the toy box, under the couch, and even in the book shelves. If only I could have been a fly on the wall! LOL!

Now, I love fall and it has sped right by us with all the tasks that we need to get done before winter, like the roof, and the roof, and by the way the roof! I have my canning out of the way and have started the organizing of the garage and a magical face lift of the garage. (although this kind of magic is requiring much assistance from tinkerbells muscles, and I must be the tinkerbell) Anyhow, back to fall speeding by. We finally decided to go to the pumpkin patch on sunday after church. the place we went to has tons of great things for kids to do and I just loved this farm. It is a beautiful sunny hour drive and the boys are excited about the train ride through the cherry orchard, and the wagon ride through the farm, and of course the pumpkins! We arrive with much excitement, a little chilly but we dressed for it. We walked out to the pumpkin patch, which was beautiful and only about 200 feet from where we parked. The boys got to pick out pumpkins and ride in the wagon with there little orange beauties, and we took some great photo's. Then out of a clear blue beautiful sky it suddenly sleeted, rained, and hailed along side lots of wind all at the same time! What is up with that? we had to run to the car with the boys and leave our pumkins because it was actually hurting the boys' faces. So we sat in the car with Big Mister wailing at the top of his lungs because he wanted a train ride and Little Mister is bellowing because the hail hurt his face and DW and I look at each other like what did we do? After about ten minutes it cleared up and the sun came to visit alltho even colder temps now the boys were happy to go and play. This concludes our fall festivities for 2008 and I am so sad.

Now for the scrooge. I mentioned that I am a halloween scrooge, I hate dressing up, witches and ghosts and all things scarry. However Big Mister is in a story time program and today they did have a little haloween celebration where the kids could go around and trick or treat and dress up . I didn't want My misters to be the only kids not dressed up so I tucked the scrooge away for the morning and they had a great time and looked so cute. i will post pics tommorrow since this post is becoming very long.

Have a great tuesday, christina


new*me said...

I wanna be your kid ;)

My kiddos somehow got a bag of powdered sugar out of the pantry yesterday while hubby was watching them..........the 2 yrs olds.........oh my GOSH!!!! It required a complete overhaul of the room. Spring cleaning is done early in their room!

Mari said...

Those are really cute pictures from the pumpkin patch. I think you have more scrapping to do!

Elizabeth said...

can't wait to see the photos.

tulip is going to storytime tomorrow...also a dress-up...she's a ladybug! ;-)

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Whoa...they got some huge pumpkins there in the wagon! Awesome! Glad the hail went away so that you could enjoy the day. I know how you feel...once the pumpkin patch visit is over, it feels like the end of fall.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

How fun is that?!

I cannot wait to see the other pics--these ones were darling!