Sunday, October 12, 2008


I have had a few questions here and there and I haven't answered them because it is chaos in my brain.
One simple question from Lisa was what is that bucket thing that my niece is sitting in a few posts ago? It is called a tummy tub, and it is a european baby tub that is a God send with a colicy baby. I have used it with both of my boys as early as 3 weeks old and my sister uses it with her son since a month old. Now to my niece, she thinks she is a baby too and wanted a bath in it. It is an amazing invention and a regular bucket doesn't work near the same.

I also talked about the possibility of going back to work a while back and desiring God's leading in this issue. Some have wondered if I am or am not going back. At this time the Lord does not lead me to going back and I am content in that final decision. I know that God is always on time and I for the first time in my life am stepping out in Faith and not stressing at all about this.

My sister and her family are back home and we continue to pray for they're family that God's plan for them is shown fully and clear. We enjoyed having them with us, but I am sure they are glad to be back home after nearly a month of being away. Little G and Baby S are so sweet and adorable and will miss they're little faces around our home. My brother-in-law 'D' had his 30th birthday last thursday and alltho was a very sad and dreary day, I hope we can help make his next year a happy one.

You may ask why would it have been a sad day on his birthday? Well, my grandmother passed away very early monday morning October 6. We headed nearly 12 hours away to Missourri and spent a few days there with family. the funeral was on thursday on 'D's birthday and it was a hard day for many family members. I can't even put into words the emotions that have come over me in the last week. I feel almost numb just trying to get through the day. After we drove all night thursday night and arrived home early friday morning, we were so fatigued our bodies physically hurt from the lack of sleep throughout the week. How do we unload the car and then prepare for a celebration the next day? Funeral on thursday and then a wedding on saturday! My cousin got married on saturday and we were glad to attend. My cousin was a beautiful bride and The food at the reception was so delicious. They had green beans in a mushroom gravy and a green salad with dried cranberries, pecans, feta cheese, and cherry tomatoes. they also had many other things but I loved those two items, I got extra of those. I enjoyed a romantic dance with my hubby and visiting with friends and family that I don't see very often.

I think that this catches me up in minor detail form from my past week. I pray for a clear mind and chaos free week to recover.

Have a great sunday night, Christina

P.S. My youngest sister announced that she is expecting her first child and gave me a call this week as well to let me know that her due date is on my birthday May 20, 2009 YEAH!!


Anonymous said...

the tummy tub was awesome!!!

(congrats on your neice/nephew in May!)

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

I'm so sorry for your grandma!

I am glad you are able to hear happy news--btw you share a birthday with my sister :)

(Thanks for explaining the tub thing!)

Elizabeth said...

wow, Sister G is preggers! wow! that's exciting!

so sorry about the tough week. i was often thinking and praying for you guys. please call if you need to talk.