Monday, November 10, 2008

Mix-it up Monday!

Okay Elizabeth does mix-it ups every monday and I have decided to follow suite as there are things of various topics floating in my head.

First off, I had a great time preparing the baby shower with my friend Layla for our friend Teri. Teri is such a sweet girl and very much deserved having a special time to celebrate the upcoming arrival of her baby girl. This will be her first and she has had the worst time of being pregnant than anyone I have ever known. They actually had to put in an IV port so she could hook herself up instead of going to the hospital all the time. Teri does need prayers to get her through the last 6 weeks, they are doing some testing and depending on results this week they will be inducing very early in the pregnancy. Our theme was sweet and pink. teri craves sweet things and since she's having a girl we did everything in pink. On a coffee table I had a 3 dish server that was glass and iron (very beautiful dish from home and garden) and we bought a mixture of pink jelly bellie jelly beans, pink m&m's, and pink and white good and plenty's. a mixture of candles around the arrangement finished it off. Any way we had a great time.

Our couples class is just the greatest thing for DW and I, we have such a great mix of couples and the topics always seem to be where we need to grow and learn in. It seems everywhere I turn I am filled with overwhelming emotion because of the grace that God extends us and the amazing sacrifice he has made for our eternal salvation. And the word Redemption, I don't think I have really fully understood that word and all the glory in it. Redemption is a feeling in me that I am not able to put into words at this point. The Lord has given us the ultimate gift of salvation through his son, and extends grace and redemption on our behalf daily. How fortunate we are as his children.

DW left for work this morning and a while later called home to inform that he totaled the car. Yes, he needed a newe work vehicle and this one was a piece of junk but I didn't want harm to come to my husband. Apparently the front wheel bearings gave way and he preceeded to hit a tree and smash the front of the car. DW is fine and thankfully not hurt. I know had he taken another route to work the outcome may have been considerably different. So, another prayer concern, we need another car and the fianaces are not readily available, God is always on time and so we just ask for prayer that we are patient and wait on his timing.

I have a wonderful weight loss class and today is a half way mark in the challenge. This has been a small form of income for us and I just keep praying that it continues to be an income source for our family as well as a ministry for me.

I think I have mixed it up enough, and don't forget to check out Elizabeth's blog, Christina


Anonymous said...

i don't think my H and i have EVER been a part of a couple's class.

i'm jealous.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

So sorry about your car...but relieved that he's ok. Wow...those things can happen so fast.

Your weight loss class sounds awesome...I am so glad you you are not only making a little money but also doing what you love to do.

Mari said...

That's all good except the car. I'm so glad your hubby is okay!

Tiffany said...

I am so glad your husband was not hurt! I love planning baby showers too, they are so fun.

Vixbil said...

We have done a marriage course at our church and it was SO WONDERFUL.
Sorry about your car but thank goodness he was ok.
Congrats on your weight loss class. I lost 3.5lbs this week, after staying the same or putting on for the last couple of weeks

Elizabeth said...

Hey C-so sorry that DW was in an accident, but I am sooooo glad that he's safe!

Love that you are doing Mix-it-Up...maybe I'll do a Mister Linky sometime and drum up some others Mix-it-Uppers! :-)

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to here you speak on your growing in discovering God's Grace and redemption in our lives! It has been amazing for me also as I was starting to learn this last year! Our God is so big and great!
Also, I will be praying for you and DW about a new car! I know God will supply all your needs, I am just happy to see DW is ok!- Love AnitaKay