Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thankful tutorial!

There has been serveral of you that have commented on my thanksgiving plaque and how I made it. So easy and I did some major cheating but here goes. Here is where I posted my plaque. and in that post i referenced a blog that I got the idea for initialy.

She uses wood, but I did not have a wooden plaque, but I also didn't want to wait to make till I go to the store. So I found some cardboard, and used it as my base.

I used one 12x12 sheet of patterned cardstock from basic grey's figgy pudding line.

I used glitters from the martha stewart line at wal-mart (which comes with a fine tip glue) the colors brownstone and blue topaz.

I had a corner rounder yes paste for glue (found at michaels), a 12' slide cutter, a hole punch and sheer ribbon.

First I took and cut my cardstock in half, the back was the dark pattern and I rounded the corners and glued it to the cardboard. Then I trimmed the other half and used the light patterened side. I chose this for my main side because of the design and I new I wanted to use that design to highlight it with glitter. Round the corners and set aside while you type your saying or quote onto your computer and print it onto vellum paper. I trimmed my quote and affixed it where I wanted it with mini brads but you could use vellum tape as well.

Now glue that piece ontop of the other patterned piece, and punch holes at the top and string your ribbon.

My favorite part is the glitter. Martha stewart's line is the most brilliant hands down. Use your fine tip glue and just start outlining a pattern you want to highlight, sprinkle with glitter and shake off the excess. (make sure to shake your glitter on a paper that you can save it )
So in a nut shell:
1) find a canvas you want to work with
2) use a quote that inspires and encourages you
3) use elements, paper, ribbon, and glitter that are in colors you like to work with or that you have on hand.
4) always remember, simple is good.

There is no particular colors or patterns, use your imagination and use what you have and see how creative you can be. Remember it's the message that is most important and let that passion do the work of creating.

Enjoy and God bless, Christina


new*me said...

you are so inspiring with your creativity!

Elizabeth said...

that sounds like such a fun project! :-)

Candy said...

wow!! your creativity is amazing. Thank you for the thanksgiving plaque instructions.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

And just like than, we have an activity for Tuesday :)