Tuesday, December 2, 2008

anyone out there?

Hey I am so having fun getting idea's around for my family's Christmas traditions. On a post here, I was talking about traditions. I want to here from you. What is your most memorable christmas tradition growing up, and have you carried it on to your children? What are some new traditions you started for your family?

I love the season of Christmas and I enjoy listening to what is important to others and how they celebrate.

Tommorrow I will post about a new tradition I am so very excited to start with my kids. So stay tuned.

As if Christmas is not exciting and busy enough, my little brother is getting married on saturday and so I am needing to get busy with a little hem job on Big Misters tuxedo we bought. He is a ring bearer. I will share pics later of the worlds cutest ring bearer.

have a great tuesday night. (enjoy the biggest loser, hopefully Vicki goes home) Christina


Mari said...

Hi! I am here. I am sooo with you on the Biggest Loser. Every week I hope for Vicki to go home - I really don't like her! Can't wait to see that cute ring bearer or hear about your tradition. I will have to post on that this week too.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! you're so busy! It seems like you just announced your brother's wedding. I can't believe it's Saturday.

no worries.

you will be beautiful, and everything will slow down soon;-)

new*me said...

Decorating the tree as a family is a big one. I also let the kids help with the making of cut out cookies........even frosting and decorating them. Then we put them away until Christmas eve and have them with egg nog or cocoa and put some out for santa with a note they write.

We also write a letter to Santa with 2 things that every child wants.....then we go to the post office and mail it :).......to grandma actually....she gets it to santa since reindeer (deer) are out at their house in the country all the time. We are working on that this week.

As a kid we did the tree and cookies. We also strung popcorn.....which I want to do with mine but I think we will have to wait one more year or the twins will be eating it off the tree and the stressed out holiday mommy will come out!

Shelly said...

HI, I came via Mari's blog.

We have a tradition on Christmas Eve with snacks, games, movies, opening one present for the children.

Your kids are so cute!

Elizabeth said...

i saw mari's comment aout the biggest loser...yes, i am sooo annoyed with vicky too...she's just so mean and awful!

anyway...traditions? well, we put up the tree the weekend of Thanksgiving, watch christmas movies through the weekend, Tulip gets to put on an ornament or 2 and the angel on top. as she gets older we'll do some other traditions...like roasting marshmallows in the fireplace (which we don't have at this house) and we'll see what else we come up with. :-)

Vixbil said...

Don't know what Biggest Loser is but thought you were talking about me for a second!!

Don't have any specific traditions as yet but can't wait to hear yours and also, the pix below are AMAZING