Friday, January 16, 2009 year ago

Sometimes it's nice to look back and see how things were a year ago. I had forgottten that big Mister liked giving rides. I probably would not have attempted because I am always overcautious, but my husband thinks everything will always be okay. Little Mister is about 10 months old and looking a little frightened. Big Mister is loving this, a live doll all his own to play with. It's cute to see the picture now.
I finally managed to get my christmas tree out of my bedroom where it has been stashed since the day after Christmas. and I got it put away. Whew! I was really getting sick of looking at it.
I am finally going to be getting my first doctors visit lined up today. I think it's time as I am 12-14 weeks. I always dread the blood work, I am the worlds biggest baby when it comes to needles and I get all woozy. I usuallyu threaten the tech letting them know they get one poke and no moving the needle around. Sometimes they will get another tech that is better. LOL!
I will update my tunes and the blog decor. I really want fresh and springy, and something that I can fit the arrival of the baby into.
Have a great Friday and see you all soon in bloggy world, Christina


Mari said...

Cute picture. It's amazing how they change in a year.

Lisa@verybusymomwith4 said...

Awww...cute! I hope you are feeling better. It was always hard for nurses to find needles on me. I ended up demanding a butterfly every time!

Becoming Me said...

Oh that is such a cute picture

Elizabeth said...

adorable photo. can't believe how fast they

hope your appt goes well! keep us updated!

virginia said...

That was a cute idea of posting a year ago today picture.Glad to hear your doctors appt. went well.Many more exciting moments ahead.